Friday, January 14, 2011

January Happenings

This is one of the times of the year that I love that I teach "A" Track. I've been off of school since right before Christmas, and I don't go back until next Monday. It's been a pretty chill (and chilly!) New Year, and it's been so nice to have Jeremy and I both home every morning, and all day long on his days off.

There's been some staying in jammies well into the afternoon.
Just because we can.

And lots of cuddling on the couch with Dad.
Because he will with Dad.
(He won't cuddle like this with me.
Jer's got him trained.)

And a little girl who can practically eat her weight in German pancake.

I think she's really enjoying having both parents home more too. She's been such a good girl the past week or so. Just fun and happy and such a good big sister. And hillarious! I know that I usually put her quips in her monthly faves, but she's saying so many lately, I've got to get them recorded now. Here's what we've been hearing:

"Hold that thought..."
"I love you more than you do!" (Meaning, "I love you more than you love me!" after someone says they love her.)
"Mom, I think the prince is awake from his nap." (Because if she is the princess, Jackson must be the prince, right?)
How do you spell _____?" (Whenever we are in the car, she is writing notes to people. For a while it was mostly "I love you" written to different people, but now she has progressed to things like: "Dad take me on a date" and "Grandma invite me to sleep over every time" and "Mom you are a star.")

Hope everyone else is having a great start to their New Year too. I've been doing pretty well on some of my resolutions, but I don't want to post about them and jinx it. :) Gonna wait until the end of the month and make sure I'm still going strong!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Reward

For filling up three Good Girl Sticker Charts, Hayley got to go to Chuck E. Cheese. Grandma Heidi, Grandpa Bob, and Russell decided they wanted to come with us.

Hayley posed with Chuck,

And then we found one of those machines that takes a picture and then sketches it:

It was really fun!

At least we thought so.

The guys may beg to differ.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

December Faves

Favorite Food: Butter and jam sandwich, heated up.
Favorite Treat: Christmas Candy
Favorite Friend(s): Cousins Peyton and Zekie
Favorite Book: Princess Look and Find
Favorite Movie/Show: Sponge Bob (Ugh.)
Favorite Song: "Sunny Day" from Sesame Street.
Favorite Things to Do Inside: Play on her Leapster. And take showers.
Favorite Thing to Do Outside: Go see if her neighborhood friends can play.
Favorite Thing About Jackson: When he pokes her belly button.
Least Favorite Thing to Do: Well, I don't like the lying thing she has going on lately.
Funny Things She Says: "Re-Tangled" for the new Tangled movie about Rapunzel.
"But you have four-wheel-drive!!" any time I say we can't go somewhere because it's too cold/snowy/slippery.

Favorite Food: Corndogs
Favorite Treat: Gummies
Favorite Friend: He's fascinated with anyone who is about his age or size.
Favorite Book: Circus Colors from Aunt Jan and Great Grandma Dame
Favorite Movie/Show: He was pretty into Hayley's Barbie movie. (?)
Favorite Things to do Inside: Ride his push-car he got for Christmas.
Favorite Things to Do Outside: Get in the car to go bye-bye.
Favorite Thing about Hayley: When she shares with him.
Least Favorite Thing to Do: Touch or be near Hayley's Zhu Zhu Pets. He's scared of them.
New Things He Says/Does: Dance, which to him means turn around in circles with his arms up in the air.
And he chucks his binky when we are in the car, and then gets mad that it's gone.