Monday, March 12, 2012

The Lion and the Mouse

Kindergarten has been a big eye opener for Hayley. At the beginning of the year, she was convinced that she could not read, not at all, not even one word. To the point where her teacher would tell them part of their homework would be to read a small paper book, and she would get that "deer in the headlights" look. As the year went on, her confidence increased, and her reading level took off. I thought that her teacher was just being nice when she told me that Hayley was doing really well, but then when we came back on track in January, Hayley was selected as one of four kids in her class that were invited to be in a little Reader's Theater play, The Lion and the Mouse, at the Jordan District Reader's Faire. We practiced long and hard, and she took the stage with her other little friends from class. She did really well. I only wish she wouldn't have covered her face with the script. Actually, she didn't even really need it, as she had her lines memorized. With all the practicing, so did I. If you want to listen for her lines, here they are. She's Hunter #2.

Hunter #1: That lion is really sleeping soundly.
Hunter #2: Listen to the heavy snores.
Hunter #1: Do we dare risk trapping him?
Hunter #2: I don't know! I don't know!
Hunter#1: Let's move closer and see how fast asleep the lion really is.
Hunter #2: Move very quietly.
Hunter #1: Listen to those snores!
Hunter #2: That lion is snoring so loudly that it almost shakes the trees. I think we should take a chance and capture this lion. What do you think?
Hunter #1: Let's try it!
Hunter #2: Get the net ready!
Hunter #1: No sense struggling lion! You can't get out of our strong net.
Hunter #2: Let's go back to the village to get some friends to help us carry the lion.

I'm was very impressed that performing in front of probably 200 people didn't even faze her, or any of the other kids for that matter. When I asked her if she was nervous when she was up there, she said, "No, I was just really excited!" That's probably really true. She is an excitable child.

At the end of the Reader's Faire, all of the participants were awarded a certificate and a ribbon. Each group that participated was announced as a winner.

Thanks to those of you who came out to support Hayley and watch her play. She loved having you there.

So proud of our little reader-performer girl!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

The New Toy

After a successful winter trip to the cabin this year, we decided to head up more often to enjoy the snow. We kept saying how it would be easier to shuttle people, gear, and groceries in if we had some kind of a sled to pull behind the snowmobiles. Next thing you know, Jeremy comes home from work one night with this:

And while it does make getting people and stuff to the cabin easier, the kids (and some of the adults) like the fun and games aspect of it even better! Hayley would ride in that thing all day if we let her. :) That's her in the video yelling, "Go again!"

I love that cabin. So many great memories with family, friends, games, food, fun, and lots of laughs. Add some quieter, sweeter moments, like a walk in the snow, wanting to hold Sister's hand instead of Mom's, and you have a near perfect cabin trip!