Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Still Here, Just Busy

I know, I know.  You haven't heard from me in months.  You were so worried.  Well, you can blame Blogger and their new updated setup, which I now have to pretty much re learn how to blog on.  Especially the pictures.  Ugh, Blogger.  Whatev.  Anyway, so yeah.  A post, but no pics.  Here's the happenings:

1. Hayley got her ears pierced.

For the longest time, Hayley was dead set against getting her ears pierced.  Then one random evening, she and Jackson and I were at the mall and there was a little girl getting hers done.  Hayley wanted to watch.  The little girl didn't even flinch.  Hayley asked the little girl how old she was.  She was five.  Hayley turned to me with a look of shock/almost embarrassment and said, "Mom, I want my ears pierced!  Today!  Right now!"  Wow.  Okay, so this was a big deal, and Jeremy and I had both been trying to convince her to do it for a while.  So I called Jeremy and asked if he was okay with us going through with it without him.  Well he was busy at work, and it got late, and we went home without any holes in ears, and Hayley was disappointed.  (Turned out Jer said he would have been fine with us doing it without him.  Hmmph.)  So the next day, Jeremy picked Hayley up from Kindergarten and TOOK HER TO GET HER EARS PIERCED WITHOUT ME!!  I got home and the entire thing was already done.  The ultimate girl rite of passage... gone through without the mother even present.  I really almost cried.  Especially when I asked if Jer if he took any video or pictures and the answer was no.  Ugh.  Eventually I decided to be a big kid about it, and not be mad at my husband for putting holes in our child without me, but rather be happy that he's the kind of hands on dad that is willing to take a little girl to the mall to get her ears pierced.  Plus, he reminded me that I get to have the period talk with her, and actually that's a bigger rite of passage.  Right.  Oh, joy.  BTW, after they pierced one ear, she totally started crying, flailing, and throwing a fit, and didn't want the other one done.  This is also pretty much how it went when we tried to change her earring after the six weeks.  Yeah, the piercing studs may be in for a while.  You know, until about the time of that period talk.

2. Jackson is doing well in speech therapy, has a new bed, and has NO interest in the potty.

A few months ago, we had Jackson tested for a speech delay.  He qualified, and we now have a speech therapist that comes to our house about once a week.  Mostly his deal is that he isn't able to communicate all of the things that he is thinking as well as he should.  He mostly speaks single words and two word phrases, so we've been working on having him string more words together.  The plan is for him to keep working with the therapist, and possibly qualify for a free preschool through Granite School District for this next school year.  We'll see how it goes.  I can't believe we're thinking about preschool at all for him yet.  He just seems like he's still so young.  He also has a new big boy bed, which he mostly thinks is just for playing.  If you lay down on it though, he will come over and say "Shhh, shhh!" to you.  He also had a new potty chair.  At first he would just take out the little bowl part and wear it as a hat.  We've moved on to him being willing to sit on it when fully clothed, but he'll mostly just cry like you are torturing him if you try to get him to sit on it with his bare butt.  I know that I'm not supposed to compare them, but seriously, at this age with Hayley, we went on a vacation and the first thing she did in the hotel room was go in the bathroom, lock the door, and poop in the potty.  Heaven help me if I am still buying diapers when he is four years old...

3. Hayley fell off her bike.

 Hayley had been saving up her money and decided she wanted to buy a new bike.  She put her $40 toward it, and Mom and Dad covered the rest.  It was a bigger bike, which was great since her old one was getting too little for her long legs.  She liked that she could go fast.  Too fast, apparently, because on a trip around the block she lost control, flipped over the handlebars and broke her fall with her forehead, nose, lip, chin, hand, and knee.  Jeremy heard her crying from around the block, realized it was the "hurt" cry, and yelled inside to me "Incoming!" before she got home, so I saw her show up in our yard, looking pretty much like a zombie.  Poor kid.  Worst was as she was sitting with me and bleeding and crying she yelled, "I hate my new bike!  I just want to go return it and get my money back!  I'm never riding it again!"  She ended up being fine (no concussion), wanted to go back out and play an hour after it happened (she didn't), and you couldn't even see her huge goose egg when she was up on stage the next day for her dance concert (score!).  Dance concert pics and video will be in a separate post, because I don't have the energy to fight with Blogger tonight.

4. It's almost summer!

I say almost, because while I am actually done with my school year, I am subbing for a friend of mine who just had a baby.  It's been kind of fun because she teaches third grade and a few of the kids in her class are ones that I will be getting at the end of July.  We have been to Seven Peaks a few times already with our Passes of all Passes, Hayley started swimming lessons last week (she can dive and tread water in the deep now), and we have some plans to go to Cherry Hill, the crater in Midway, and to Disneyland in July to check out the new Carsland that opened!  Woohoo!  I'll try to be better about keeping you all updated on our Summer Adventures. :)