Monday, October 19, 2009

Vegas Baby!

While I admit that taking a three-year-old and a baby along doesn't make for the most optimal Las Vegas vacation, when you are the food source for one of them there is really no other choice! So we headed to Tahiti Village to use our time share week.

Hayley was pretty excited. Not sure if she was more excited about the trip, the drink that Jeremy bought her, or that she got to watch movies in the car on the new portable dvd player, which may have been the best $129 I've ever spent! Apparently, all that movie watching can wear a gal out, because here's what happened when Hayley wanted to go grocery shopping with me once we got there.

She perked up though, and did a whole bunch of swimming over the next few days.
Yep, in October. It was great!

We didn't want to take the baby over to the germy Strip, so Hayley and I had a few dates during the week. To the Mirage to see the tigers and dolphins, which Hayley loved, to Treasure Island to see (half of) the pirate ship show, which she was afraid of, and to the M&M Store to see the 3D movie, which she also claimed was too scary. I made her stay and watch it anyway. Because sometimes some "Forced Fun" is necessary.

While Hayley and I were out on the town, Jeremy and Jackson stayed at the resort and did this:

Jackson loves his daddy!

A fun trip, but next time, I don't know that these hooligans will be coming with us!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Think They're Related?

Quite often, people comment that Jackson looks a lot like Jeremy. This is fine with me, because I know he's my little boy. I birthed him.

What I can't get over though, is how much he and Baby Hayley look alike. Especially when Jackson pulls the same faces Hayley used to. The proof is in the pics.
(Hayley's on the top, Jackson's on the bottom)

Seriously, these kiddos crack me up!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Parental Vocabulary

"The Passover" - the shifting of a new, floppy, awkward infant from one set of arms to another.

"The Transfer" - the act of moving a sleeping child from the car to their bed without waking them. A successful transfer may just be a parenting legend.

"The Last Supper" - the night time claim from a child that they are hungry. Usually coincides exactly with bedtime, and often in accompanied by "The Last Refreshment" and "The Last Relief."

"The Last Refreshment" - the begging for "one more drink." Because apparently, getting ready for bed can make you really parched.

"The Last Relief" - "Mom, I have to go the bathroom!" Usually due to "The Last Refreshment." (See above.)

"The Ahhh" - synonym for a U.I.S. (Uninterrupted Shower). Not to be confused with a UTI.

"The Awww" - an unrehearsed expression of "I love you" from a child. Also used to describe a unwarranted hug or kiss.

"The Oh, ____!" - the spitting up, throwing up, diaper blowout, etc. at the most non-opportune time. To be expected especially if you are running late.

"Mommy Time" - aka Midnight Snack. Or, the five minutes in the parked car before attempting "The Transfer." (See above.)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

No Better Way...

To spend UEA than lunch and shopping at Gardner Village with good friends!
Such a fun Girlies' Outing!

Little Jackson came along, too:

The only boy who was allowed!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Smile! No really, smile already!

This is how Jackson feels about smiling for the camera:

I did get close a couple of times though:

Not sure if this last one counts, since it could just be gas:

Heck, he's so cute, I'll take him even if he's a little stinky!
(Or a little stinker, as he is on occasion!)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Daddy Daughter Date

About a month ago, Jeremy and Hayley headed up with Jer's family to their cabin in Island Park, near Yellowstone. (I stayed home with baby Jackson for a little R & R.) They did a little swinging, and a little almost falling in the creek...

And a little hiking, and a lot of smiling...

Hayley loves her daddy, but you better watch out Jer, you may have some competition!
(Hayley and Payton are virtually inseparable!)

Fun times for the whole Bachman clan!

P.S. If you'd like a day-to-day-play-by-play, here it is from someone who was actually there.