Friday, November 15, 2013

Kid Pix

At the end of last year, one of my favorite families ever gave me a gift certificate for the mom to do a photo session of my kids.  They turned out so fantastic!  These are just a couple of them.  For a cuteness overload, click here. 

Yeah, none are hanging in my house yet, because there are way too many to choose from!

P.S. I'll be back to my regularly scheduled, four-months-behind posting soon. These darling pictures just couldn't wait.

Cabin Treats

It's become quite the tradition to go down to the "little store" for a treat every time we go to the cabin.

Who doesn't love an ice cream or a popsicle? :)

Project Treehouse: Complete

The ongoing treehouse project is all done!

 Hayley couldn't be happier. :)

 Jackson really likes it too.

 Pretty lucky kids to have this fantastic daddy!

Go Hayley!

For the second year, Hayley earned her Distinguished Bear Cub Award.

The award is given to students who go above and beyond, achieving enough optional goals throughout the year to become a Distinguished Bear Cub.

We are so proud of this girls and all of the great efforts she puts forth in school.  She is so smart and loves learning so much.

She thinks things through, is reading at a third grade reading level, and has a fantastic head for numbers and logic.

I am so excited to watch this girls continue to learn and grow and succeed.

Oh, Jackson!

Sometimes this little boy is such trouble!  This is what happened during the time I left to take a shower.  I'll give him a break since soon after this picture he was all potty trained.  Woohoo!

This is what happened at my mom's when we went into the other room to visit and left Jackson to his own devices in the kitchen.

He gets away with a lot because of this big, bright smile that he can turn on...

and on, and on, and on.

Dear sweet Jackson, you are one loved little boy.

Monsters, Zebras, and Sheep

Summer fun!

Monsters University was super cute!

And, bonus, since I am so behind on blogging, it's actually out on DVD now!

We went over to Hollywood Connection after the movie.  Jackson ride the carousel with a smile.  This is a great improvement from his fear of almost all of the rides at Disneyland.

 We pick up Jeremy on his lunch hour sometimes and go out to lunch.  There are sheep on the way there, and Hayley always asked to stop.  One time during the summer we didn't have any big plans, so we stopped.  She really wanted me to take some pictures, so I did.

And then she really wanted to take some selfies.

So, she did.  Whatever little things make you happy, right?

Happy Birthday to Me!

My birthday,  June 8th, happened to also be Free Fishing day this year.  That means that you can fish anywhere in Utah on that day without a license.  We met up with my dad (for fun, and because, well, he's the only one who will string the worms) and headed over to our favorite fishing hole.

There's fish...

but there's also ducks to feed...

and there's a playground!

Such a simply fabulous birthday!

Aside from that whole getting older thing... :)

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Heatin' Up!

Summer fun at the Valley Fair Splash Fountain.