Tuesday, May 28, 2013

May Happenings

When we went to Scheel's for the Easter activity, Hayley noticed that they were doing a Mother's Day craft the next month.  She was all for going, and Jackson was pretty excited about he big truck photo opp that they had.

Also for Mother's Day, Jackson was pretty excited for cake.  When I left the kitchen for a minute in the middle of frosting the cake, this is what I came back to.

Also this May, Jeremy and I celebrated our ten year wedding anniversary!  We rode Trax up to City Creek and walked around and did some shopping, and then had dinner and ice cream at Culver's.  It was such a fun date, to celebrate a fun decade.

Looking forward to lots more fun times with this cute, little family of mine.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Easter Fun

We started out our festivities at the Breakfast with the Bunny at the Fitness Center.  Jackson has really warmed up to the bunny and characters in general in the last year or so.

Hayley was willing to sit with the bunny too.  Even though she told me she knew that the bunny was "really just a person in a suit."

 Next we headed downstairs to the egg hunt in Edutainment.  Hayley got a haul of candy.  So worth the $3.00 we paid.  And so much better than the outdoor egg hunt we attempted last year.


Jackson liked it too.  It was nice that there was so much candy it wasn't such a rush, and the kids could actually gather them on their own.

Two happy impressed kids.

Later that day we headed out to Scheel's.  They had more of a treasure hunt for eggs and other fun stuff (sports simulator tokens, ferris wheel tickets...) all around the store.  It was very fun, relaxed, and low key.

The Easter Bunny was awfully busy, because even after two appearances on Saturday, he still hid a few eggs and left baskets at our house for the kids.  Clothes for Jackson, swimsuits for Hayley.  Funny how that Easter Bunny knew exactly what they needed and didn't need... N-O-T Not more candy!

Hayley doesn't mind getting all dressed up, but this is as close as Jackson will get.  He is fully dressed with a smile though!

We also headed out to Grandma and Grandpa Bachman's before Jeremy had to head to work on Sunday, and to Grandma Heidi and Grandpa Bob's that evening for Sunday Dinner.  My mom does a hunt that even gets the adults involved, considering that the hides a golden egg with $20 to $50 in it.  I have never found it.  Egg hunts are not my forte, I guess.  But it was a very happy, very busy Easter!