Monday, March 29, 2010

Sink or Swim

Do you ever feel a little like this about the whole job of parenting?

Like it's kind of Sink or Swim, and you're just... sinking?
Yeah, I was kind of having one of those days, so Jeremy informed me that we were going to have Family Time and go swimming. After the inside my head thoughts of: "I still don't know which swimsuits fit, besides my maternity one." and "I haven't shaved my legs in __ days." I agreed. (Cut me a little slack, folks, on both thoughts. It's been winter!)

It did cheer me up considerably. And I think we have another little fishy on our fins. Jackson loved the pool! (And I loved putting him in his little swim trunks. Seriously, so cute!) Next time I have that sinking feeling, off to the swimming pool we will go!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Just Another Day with the Princess

How 'bout you sing a song! This get-up is totally normal around here. If we are home, Hayley has a princess dress on. If we've been home for an hour, we've been through at least three princess dresses already. Such a girl!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Child of God

Hayley also decided she wanted to sing this song for her talk in primary (and actually really sang it, by herself) hence the "new and improved" ending. Not only do I love every second of it, but I think this may be one of those things that even Heavenly Father gets a smile out of.

Friday, March 19, 2010


Things I like:
  • Reconnecting with an old friend.
  • Coming home yesterday to three loads of laundry and a load of dished done, a vacuumed house, and happy kids. Thanks honey!
  • The fact that I did not have parent teacher conferences this week.
  • A strawberry peanut butter cup shake from Arctic Circle last night. Yum!
  • Spying on Hayley during her dance class last night, and realizing she is one of the ones that cannot keep her eyes off of herself in the mirror.
  • Finding my Happiest Baby on the Block book, and then realizing that Jackson may actually already be the happiest baby on the block.
  • Hair AND makeup are done today. Might or might not be the first time this week...
  • It's Friday!
Things I dislike:
  • Watching the greeter lady at WalMart pull a Pick 'n' Eat. Ick.
  • Waking up with a sore throat. Boo!
  • Waking up to snow. Boo!
  • Kids in my class having problems with cheating and lying. There are lots of things I can deal with in my class, but lying and cheating really push my buttons. It's frustrating when I have to have the same conversation with a 4th grader that I do with my 4 year old. "Now tell me the truth, what really happened?" "I hope you are telling the truth, or you are going to have that yucky, yucky feeling that you lied to your teacher/mom."
More good than bad, by far. Just the way I like it!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Twins

But really, with their happy play time,

patient smiles while waiting for food,

and "love" of tummy time,

you'd think I had twins!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Doting Boyfriend

I thought I'd share this little story. I told it to some colleagues recently, and realized just how funny it is.

While Jer and I were dating, I got my wisdom teeth out. Jeremy, being the doting boyfriend that he was, took a few days off to take me in to the "puller" (Is it an endodontist? I can't remember.) and take care of me for a few days.

The surgery went fine. They zonked me out and popped those suckers out even quicker than they thought they'd be able to. I think they may have sent me on my way a little too soon though, because I can remember both Jeremy and a nurse having to hold me up enough just to get me to the car.

On the way home, Jeremy wanted to get my meds, but didn't feel good about leaving me in the car in my woozy state. So, he basically dragged me out of the car in the RiteAid parking lot, guided me in, and plunked me down in a chair near the pharmacy.

He dropped off my prescriptions, and proceeded to try to have a conversation with me while we waited. I remember being so irritated that he was even talking to me, but I was so tired I didn't even have the strength to tell him to shut up.

Finally they called Jeremy up to the counter for my meds, but then told him I would have to come sign for the insurance for them since we weren't married. At this point, he turned around and looked at me. I was now slumped in the chair, dead asleep, drooling blood. He turned back to the lady and said, "Really? Seriously?" To which she responded, "Um, actually, just go ahead and sign here."

This is what I think about every time I have to fill a prescription. So if you ever see me snickering at the pharmacy, now you'll understand.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Adult Conversation

The blog's been kind of overloaded with my kids lately, so here's some adult entertainment. Don't worry, it's pretty much PG rated.

Background: Male Teacher has a flying monkey doll that he pitches at students when they aren't paying attention. Because he's kind of awesome like that. I wouldn't dare throw stuff at my students. Even though I'd like to sometimes. Keep in mind with this story that the teachers and principal weren't trying to be funny or nasty. Probably that's why it was so freakin' hilarious to observe.

Male Teacher: "I have a flying monkey."

Female Teacher: "Really?"

Male Teacher: "Yeah, come to my room. I'll show you my monkey."

Female Teacher: "Uhhh..."

Female Principal: "No, really he has a monkey. I've seen it. It's cute."

Sometimes, the office at an elementary school is just as good as the post office.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Baby Fever

Ha, ha! Gotcha, didn't I? Nope, I don't have Baby Fever, but check out these moms with their cute babies. That'd be Zuri the Baby Elephant, born the same day as my cute baby Jackson (They look about the same age, right? And how come the elephant has lost all her baby weight?!). And the Baby Giraffe, and Hayley and the Lioness and the Lion Cub.

Last Saturday when the temperature was in the 50's, it was too nice of a day to hold out any longer. We headed to the Hogle Zoo. Seeing the babies was so fun, the fake elephant and rhino were a hit with Hayley, and both kids loved the carousel.

After seeing most of the animals that weren't "closed" for the Winter, Hayley played at the playground for a while, while Jackson happily watched and smiled for pictures.

I am SO looking forward to Spring!
Rain, rain (and snow) GO AWAY!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Too Cute to Not Share

These are the moments that I wouldn't miss for the world!!

This boy is so happy! Especially when being held by Aunt Whitney, Grandpa Dame, Great Grandma Dame, or just chillin' in his high chair!

And this girl is getting so big! I swear she is four going on fourteen! She loves to ride her bike, isn't scared of Grandpa and Whitney's dog, Buddy, anymore, and lets me know when it's time for a photo session with her little brother!

I just love these kiddos!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Jackson's Thoughts

On biting:
"I think it's kind of funny, Mom, when you yell, "Ouch! No biting!" Like you're really going to stop feeding me? I think not. Not with the cute smile I have. He he he."

On rolling:
"Really, Mom, why would I ever crawl? I can get to whatever I want just by rolling multiple times. Even if it's something all the way across the room."

On sitting:
"I think I've finally got the hang of this! I can see so much better, I can reach for my toys and grab them, I can.. oh... oh... and I'm down!" He still has the occasional tumble, but I think it's official that he's a sitter!

On standing against the couch:
"Look how strong I am. No, really look at me! I know you thought I was just a little chub-a-lub, Mom, but I'm strong too! I'm one solid chunk of baby!"

On rice cereal:
"Ugh, sick! What is this?! Dirt? You put any more in Mom, and it's coming right back out. Fine. Fine. Don't listen. Pffft!" That, my friends, is the noise rice cereal makes as it gets spit out all over you.

On carrot baby food:
"Eh, I guess this will do. But you get to deal with the bright orange spit up on my church clothes later."

On peaches and applesauce:
"Oh, yeah. That's the stuff. Now we're talkin'! I might not even regurgitate any of this back onto you Mom. I may keep it all down. 'Cause it's that good. Mmmm."

On being sick:
"That kinda sucked. Especially the booger sucker (nasal aspirator) part. That really sucked."

On smiling:
"I can't even help it Mom. My face just does this on it's own, I swear. I'm just happy about everything and everyone!"

Jackson, we're so happy to have you, our Bubba Baby, our Milk Monkey, our Sweet Little Boy!