Friday, July 20, 2012

Jazzle Dazzle Dance

 I love the difference in appearance and attitude with Hayley's two different costumes.  So sassy for the hip hop, and so sweet and innocent for the ballet.  Her poses that she made up herself make it even better.

(Yes, that is a picture of a picture.  Because what photographer doesn't sell you a CD of your pics these days?!  And I don't know why Blogger is cutting off the side of the picture when I publish it, but it is.  Just pretend, and trust me that it's a cute picture.)

Hayley ended up doing two dance classes this year since her friend Marissa was in hip hop, but I like the more traditional ballet, jazz, and tap class.  It ended up kind of being a lot, but she was a trooper about having dance twice a week.

She did great on all her dances, at all of her dance performances.

Hip Hop: Tonight, Tonight

Hip Hop: Baby, Tonight

Ballet/Jazz: Stuck Like Glue

Tap: Crazy Little Thing Called Love

The older she gets, the more fun it is to watch her dance. :)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

May and June Catch Up

May and June are always crazy busy around our house, and this year was no exception.  Besides Jeremy's birthday, my birthday, multiple family members' birthdays, Jeremy and my ninth wedding anniversary, Mother's Day and Father's Day, we were able to fit in some other fun things too.

Like eating licorice:

Starting at the top left and moving clockwise, we have Jackson after I told him "no" to having a licorice, his huge grin when Daddy gave him one anyway, and the total "stink face" he gave me when I reminded him that I had said no.  Yeah, Dad is a pushover.

Jeremy got Hayley a motorcycle helmet so that she could ride on the motorcycle with him.  She really is smiling somewhere in there, I promise!

We also went to Valley Fair Mall and played in the splash fountain.  Or rather, Hayley played while Jackson ran away and laughed while I ran after him.  Stinker.  But how could I stay mad at this cute face?

And Hayley took a tumbling class with the neighborhood friends.

Kylie, Aisly, Hayley, Kaia, and Bailey

She's just about got that cartwheel down pat!