Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Jackson Turned Three!

 As I started this post, I realized it is basically brought to you by the letter P.  And, of course, by the number 3.  At Jackson's party, there was a PLAYGROUND:


Listen for the giggle in the video.  Cracks me up every time!

I love Hayley's "Evil Eye" in this one.

(Such a cute, sweet smile when he realizes that, "Yes, everyone is singing to me!")

And there were PRESENTS:

He opened these drums right after opening a kiddie guitar.  Apparently, he's very musically inclined.  I never knew. :)

 And there were PARTY GUESTS:


And, of course, over the next few days, there was major PLAYTIME with all his new toys!

See?  Musically inclined. ;)

This happy boy also started PRESCHOOL, but that will get its own post.  As soon as Jeremy emails me the pictures he took of Jackson on his first day.  Hint, hint Husband. :)

Happy Birthday dear Jackson, Happy Birthday to YOU!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

First Kid, First Day, First Grade

We have a first grader!  Crazy, right?  She is loving it so far.  Eating lunch at school is definitely a favorite. She loves her teacher.  She is becoming a great reader and speller, and was so excited when math homework started being sent home.  She tries hard to get "check pluses" on her papers.

What a difference a year makes!

(Hayley on the first day of Kindergarten, and the first day of First Grade.)

We are so proud of our Hayley Girl!
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Like a Fish

Around here, no summer is complete without swimming lessons.  Hayley usually takes the summer off from dance, and instead we head over to the pool a couple of times a week for lessons.  This summer, she actually did two sessions.  The first round there were five other kids in her class, and she was the youngest.  She did fine, and was put in the right level, but I think having all of the other kids in her class vary in age from eight to fourteen years old was a little intimidating for her.

The second set of lessons, which was actually the same level since she didn't pass off all the requirements in June, only had her and two other girls her same age in it.  It made for a lot more one on one time with the instructor.  Especially when after two lessons, one of the other girls dropped out.  And then the other one didn't come to the last two lessons.  So basically, Hayley got two semi-private lessons and two private lessons for a bargain of a price!  Awesome!

I couldn't believe all that she was daring to do in the deep water by the last day:

Her instructor told me the price that they usually charge for private lessons.  It is the same amount as what I paid for the set of six lessons. :)

They also practiced diving.  This one is pretty good.  There were a lot of belly flops before I filmed this one.

Hayley passed off all the skills for her level this time.  She was even a little sad that lessons were over.  I told her if she wanted to in the future she could try out for a swim team and have swimming lessons every day.  She gave me a look of disbelief and asked, "Every single day?!" with her big wide eyes.  It was pretty funny.  At the rate she's going, she'll be done with the levels they usually teach for swimming lessons by next summer or the summer after.  So we'll see.  One things for sure: The "costumes" for swimming are a lot cheaper than they are for dance!