Wednesday, April 24, 2013

March and April Catch-Up

 This is what Hayley does when no friends can play: Creates a stakeout.
So she doesn't miss it if any of them come home, or are suddenly able to play.

She decided to dress up as a "green librarian" (whatever that is) for St. Patrick's Day.  And she picked this book to read to us since it was about a garden and had a lot of green in it.

I thought we needed some fancy dessert for St. Patty's, complete with rainbows and shamrocks.

And a surprise inside!

Hayley was excited to see the (girl?) Easter Bunny.  Jackson was... indifferent. (But not crying, so that's improvement.)  I got in trouble for taking a picture with my own camera.  Oh well.

Jackson was telling me he was a walrus.

By the time I got the video going, he had moved on to other imaginary play.

And last but not least, Hayley just finished her first chapter book, Junie B. Jones: Monkey Business.

Just some background: Junie B.'s grandma tells her that her new little brother is the "cutest little monkey she's ever seen" and Junie B. takes it very literally, and tells all her school friends she has a "real, alive monkey" for a little brother.

I love listening to this girl read.  Her expression and the way that she thinks about what she reads is awesome!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Hayley is Seven!

Hayley really wanted to have a sleepover party this year.  After much begging and discussion, we agreed, but also wrote on the invitation that kids could just come and have a "late-over" if they wanted.  Lucky for us, we only ended up with one of Hayley's friends sleeping over, but everyone else that was invited was able to attend to the late-over.

They had so much fun!  They wove their own baskets:

And had a little treasure hunt:

Hayley had requested that my mom be a clown at her party.  Since my mom is a real trooper, she came up with a whole little comedy/magic act.

It was a hit!

There were also cupcakes and singing:

And then we watched the Lorax to end the late-over.
A fun time had by all!

Happy birthday Hayley!

Family Party

After a very fun late-over and sleepover, we threw Hayley a family party the next day.  It was fun to get all the cousins together to play, and all the adults together to talk.  Or play as well, as that suited some of them.

Aunt Anke has the kids hooked on having a pinata at each of their birthdays.  The only problem was the one this year was so heavy, it was hard to hang it anywhere.  That didn't stop the kids though.  We just put it on the floor and let them beat on it.  Jackson was in heaven with that much paper to rip. 

Hayley got so many fun gifts.  Apparently, she is one very loved little girl.

(Please notice the very fake "blowing out the candles" picture.  I wasn't quick enough with the camera to catch the real thing.)

Aunt Whitney had to work, but she brought Hayley over a special gift the night before:

And really, what's a family party without my family reminding me that my seven-year-old is a more experienced crafter than myself? :)

It's all in good fun, and it was a really fun birthday.  Here's to another great year, with another great girl!