Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Child, Do You Miss Anything?

A lot of times, if I'm struggling with something, I'll mutter under my breath, "Get it together, Heather." The other day, after I missed a turn, flipped a U-ey and explained to Hayley why we turned around. Then I heard this from the backseat, "Get it together, Heather!" Really, could I even be mad when I knew exactly where she got that?!

I know I posted this one on Facebook, but I don't want to forget it. Hayley likes to play the rhyming game. A while ago, she rhymed bucket with f*****. I told her it wasn't a real word so she shouldn't say it. Technically I was right. Because it's two words. Thanks Jeremy for your help. Oh, wait. That's right, you were the one laughing.

After repeatedly telling Hayley no about going to the park, and repeated begging on her part, she came back up to me and calmly asked, "Mom, how can I earn going to the park?" She may just have life figured out. (And yes, I let her earn going to the park. I gotta let her win sometimes, right?)

As I pull into Sonic: "Mom, are you going to get a Diet Coke with vanilla with easy ice?" Yes, dear child. Yes I am. And what would you like today?

Love you Hales! Even if you are four going on fourteen!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

What Journal?

I don't keep a journal. It's not because I don't want to have my thoughts written down and recorded somewhere. I do. It's more that it takes so freakin' long to write something out. You know, the old fashioned way. Like on paper with a pencil. I don't have the patience. Typing doesn't take that kind of patience. (Possibly because back in junior high in TLC class, I actully believed them when they told me typing would become a necessary skill.) Because of this, my blog has become my journal in a way. In reading my blog, you're gonna get a little bit of everything that I am: mom, daughter, teacher, friend, etc. and everything that I feel: happiness, frustration, relief, entertainment, etc. If you like it great. If you don't fine. It's my blog, and I'll post what I want. I'm not doing it just for you anymore, I'm doing it for me. (Remember, it used to say "Blogging because everyone else was doin' it!" in my title?)

How's that for a little bit sassy?
(That's what it says now in the title...)

I know I post a lot about my kids. I know that might bore some of you. I know I'm out of control with the pictures sometimes. I know that might annoy some of you. But I don't have the best memory, and I have to have these memories somewhere. So all those things that are important to me? They're going on the blog.

So here's to being glad that I can type faster than I can write. Otherwise my brain would just be bursting at the seams with everything I can't quite remember to remember.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

No Such Thing...

As too much of the mouse, as going to Disneyland too often, or as too many pictures!
(Count that as my disclaimer.)

After our December trip with my dad, my mom was saying how she wanted to go to Disneyland. My response? "Great! Let's plan it!" So we did, and April was finally here!

We started out with a leisurely plane ride to Long Beach. Seriously, Hayley was an angel on the plane! Our room wasn't quite ready when we got there, so we walked over to Downtown Disney to check out the Mad Hatter hats and throw some sticks in the pond. Good times!

After a good nights sleep, we got up early and headed over to the parks, starting with Disney's California Adventure. Hayley was ready to go, and all dressed up for our "Princess Lunch" later that day. We started off with Toy Story, which Hayley proclaimed her "new favorite." (She did this many times during the trip.) The line wasn't too long when we got off, so we did it again!

Then Whitney and I rode California Screamin' (once, because we learned our lesson last time that going twice in a row makes us sick) while my mom and Hayley stuck to the carousel and some tamer rides.

After that, we headed to "a bug's land." Turns out someone else had the same idea, because as we walked in, Mickey and Pluto walked out of a side door. The look on Hayley's face was priceless! She ran right up to them, and Mickey took her little hand and led her over to where they were doing their Meet and Greet. She was so happy and excited!

Pluto didn't disappoint either!

After "a bug's land" we headed to the Hollywood Pictures backlot, where we caught these two monsters coming out for the day, Stitch and Sully. I swear, it was like there were characters coming out of the woodwork! So fun!

After a few more rides, with ten minute wait times max, it was time for our Princess Celebration Lunch and Ariel's Grotto. Hayley was so excited to meet Ariel, and loved when the rest of the princesses came around to our table.

We saw Ariel, Snow White, Belle, Sleeping Beauty, and Cinderella. And the food and service were great too! Pricey, but I'd say it was well worth the money. I mean really, look at that happy face!

After lunch was done and princess dresses were changed out of, Whitney decided she wanted us to go on Grizzly River Run. I wasn't super excited about that idea, as I don't love being wet at a theme park for the rest of the day. But then Hayley saw the ride, and decided she really, really wanted to go. Please, Mom? I tried to convince her it was to big and wet and scary, but she stuck to her guns. And loved it. The first picture below is her showing that she loved it "this much!" Of course, that could be because she barely got wet. The rest of us got the worst of it, as you can see in our Goofy picture.

The next day started with Fantasyland in Disneyland. We got there right when the park opened and basically walked on to all the rides, including Dumbo. It was awesome!

After riding "it's a small world" for I think the third time, we checked the wait for the Princess Fantasy Faire. Since it was only twenty minutes, we got in line. The good/not so good thing about PFF is that it's a surprise what princesses you are going to get until you get to the front of the line. I was hoping for Jasmine, Mulan, and Tiana since we didn't see them the day before.

Well, I got one out of three!
(And we saw Jasmine in the Aladdin: Musical Spectacular show later that day, and Hayley said that counted...)

We loved seeing Belle again though.

After that we rode Pirates of the Caribbean, Haunted Mansion, and Splash Mountain (with less than 20 minute waits) and then walked out to find Tiana putting on her New Orleans show. The kids could go up on stage and dance and sing along. Hayley really was having fun, I think that funny face is her finding me in the crowd...

Then on to one of the few things that I really, really wanted to do this trip. I had read online that Alice and her friends play Musical Chairs at the Refreshment Corner at 2:30 everyday, and that they always have some kids play with them. It sounded like something Hayley would love, especially with her liking of the recently re-released Alice in Wonderland Disney cartoon. Alice and Friends didn't disappoint. First, Alice and the Queen of Hearts showed up, and then about halfway through the game, Peter Pan made an appearance, and caused his usual mischief. That was great, because by then some of the kids, including Hayley, had become an "un-winner" (gotten out) of the game, but they still had a character interacting with them. Below Peter is asking Hayley if her bear can come back to Neverland with him. Hayley thought he was silly. Me too.

Next we scouted out a spot for the Disneyland parade, Celebrate! A Street Party!

It was a cute parade, but for most of it, Hayley did this:

Picked up the little pieces of Mickey confetti that got blown out onto the street. Really kid? She even had the Cast Members helping her. She was intent on her quest.

To try again on a parade, we headed back over to California Adventure to the Pixar Play Parade. It was darling. Hayley even actually watched it.

Then back over to Disneyland for a visit to Iridessa, Tinkerbell, and Terrance in Pixie Hollow.

Hayley was pretty tuckered out by then, and fell asleep soon after (In the rental stroller that I broke down and rented for the second day. It was well worth it!) while we switched off and rode Indiana Jones and Space Mountain and then watched the fireworks. (That was fine too, as Hayley doesn't really like fireworks.) After that I woke her up, because she had wanted to go on her "new favorite" Splash Mountain again all day long, and I told her it could be our last ride. (Again, not one for being wet all day.) Any ride that a four year old will wake up out of a dead sleep to ride one more time must really be a fave!

Such a fun, fun trip to CA. I missed my boys though. When I got home, Jeremy asked me when the next trip to Disneyland was. I told him I didn't have one planned yet. He was shocked.

Don't worry, Honey. I'll get working on that. Not a problem.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

And the Craziness Ensued...

As promised, I tried to take some pictures of the kids in their Easter duds today. Tried being the key word. I swear, as soon as I pull out the camera, it's like pulling teeth to get two cute smiles at the same time. Anyway, here's the crazy kiddos. My fave is the upper left. Hayley had a Big Bird doll that Jackson was mighty determined to get his hands on!

I did get a cute shot of Hayley's dress:
(Store bought, not hand made. Credit to Carter's.)

And a way cute smiley tummy shot:

Oh, yeah. And for those of you who have asked me if he ever doesn't smile, today was the day:

Or rather, not the day.

I think he looks a little J-Thug with that stone face.

What up, yo?

Friday, April 9, 2010

A Few of His Favorite Things

His Binky,

His Bunny,

His Bottle, and his Big Sister,

make for a Happy Bouncing Bachman Boy!

P.S. About that water in the background... We're in the process of carpeting our basement, so all the stuff that is usually stored downstairs, like emergency supplies, are currently being stored in random places throughout our house. That carpet cannot get done fast enough!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter 2010

Since Jeremy had to work early on Easter morning, the Easter Bunny visited at our house on Saturday night. We heard him hopping around outside just as Hayley was getting ready for bed. She came downstairs to an Easter basket full of fun: Princess and the Frog jammies, a Pochontas Barbie doll, and some Peeps! She was so excited she had to go to the door to yell "Thank you!" to the Easter Bunny as he hopped away.

Jackson didn't get to his basket until the next morning, but I think that the Thumper stuffy he found in it passed approval:

Easter morning Hayley woke up feeling a little under the weather, but still didn't want to miss out on the festivities, especially seeing her "friend cousins" Peyton and Zekie. So out we went to Grandma and Grandpa Bachman's for a yummy lunch and a fun candy hunt. She had strict instructions not to breathe on anyone!

Then after a visit to Grandpa Dame, and naps all around that afternoon, we headed to Grandma Heidi and Grandpa Bob's for hamburgers for dinner. Hayley loved coloring eggs and getting another Easter Basket from Grandma Heidi!

Wasn't until I went to post this that I realized I have no pictures of the kids together in their Easter outfits. Actually, I don't have any of Jackson. I did make Hayley change to dye eggs, as I'm fairly sure Easter egg dye and a mostly white dress don't mix! I'll try for those Easter outfit pictures next Sunday...

Hope everyone's Easter was happy!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Pre Easter Activities

It's been fun to be off for Spring Break to get ready for Easter. We started by visiting the Easter Bunny at the mall.

No Wait + Big Smiles = A Good Time!

Then this morning we went to the Easter Egg Hunt at the West Valley Fitness Center. Hayley got a stash! Totally worth breaking the winter coat back out!

After "freezin' our geezin" (Hayley's words) we headed indoors for Breakfast with the Bunny. What fun! And it's not even Easter yet!

Hayley had this to say about the white bunny: "Mom, I think that bunny is really just a man in a costume." Sheesh, kid. Aren't you a little young for that question?

Thursday, April 1, 2010

No Nibbling!

This morning the kids both had check-up doctor's appointments. They were early enough that Jeremy could come with us before heading to work, so it was nice that we got to have some family time. At least, it was nice until I heard a shrieking cry from Jackson while I was checking us in. Turns out Hayley BIT HIM. On the toe, and it didn't draw blood or anything, but I was pretty shocked. And mad. So mad, I didn't really want to talk to her and had Jeremy deal with it. He let her know she wouldn't be getting a "shot prize" like we had talked about. She was pretty bummed. And sad. She kept saying, "I'm sorry, I'm just so so sorry." I think she learned her lesson. Especially when we told her that if it ever happened again we would throw Mama Bear in the trash. I think she got the point.

Anyway, the appointment part went well. Hayley did awesome, weighing in at 39 lbs (75th percentile) and measuring in at 41.5 inches (79th percentile). Plus, turns out Little Girl probably didn't even need a "shot prize." She didn't even shed a tear! In fact, later on in the morning, she bit her tongue and ran into the counter with her forehead (within about a five minute span of each other) and told me, through her tears, that both of those hurt more than her shot. What a sport that Hayley Biter Bachman is!

On to The Boy. After waiting for 40 minutes for the doctor (Seriously? We were the first appointment of the day!) Jackson was tired and cranky. And probably his toe hurt. He checked out great too though, weighing in at 19.75 lbs (59th percentile) and measuring in at 28 inches (69th percentile). His head is still almost off the chart at 18.5 inches (95th percentile), but it's a cute head that's actually growing some hair back, so I can't complain. Jackson cried a little bit after his shot, but that also could have been that he was just ready to leave! So were we. What a blessing to have healthy kids. Although, I may have to stop using the expression, "You're so cute I could just eat you up!" (Hey, Hayley had to have gotten that idea from somewhere...)

P.S. As my own little April Fool's joke, when I called to make the appointment, this is how the conversation went:
Me: "Hi, I need to make appointments for my children. Sometime on April 1st."
(Because it was my first day off track.)
Receptionist: "Is this an April Fool's Joke?"
Me: "No, I really just need to make appointments for my kids."
(But now that you've given me the idea...)
Receptionist: "Okay, how many children do you have?"
Me: "Eight."
Receptionist: "Oh, uh... Really?"
Me: "No, not really. But you made me realize it would be April Fool's. I have two kids."
Receptionist (relieved): "Oh, good!"
It was pretty funny. But you might have had to be there.