Friday, December 27, 2013

A Boy and his Tractors

I forgot this little gem from Raspberry Days.  This is Jackson at LaBeau's as we were waiting for our food and shakes.  He was so tired, and so trying to keep himself going.  And so dusty and dirty, obviously.

As most of you probably know, this boy likes loves tractors.  Like a lot.

So it was only fitting that he had a tractor cake for his birthday.

Yeah, he loved it.  I'd call this Pinterest project a total success!

And cheap too.  Just cake mix, green frosting, Oreos, and some Dollar Store tractors.

We had his party at the park again, which works out perfectly.

The construction theme was very fitting, and Jackson was elated with his many new tractors.

And very happy to have some dirt so handy.

The only thing that could have made this party any better was a real live tractor.

We found one the next day. :)

Happy 4th birthday Jackson!


Thanks for being the best little boy!

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