Friday, December 27, 2013

Utah Fanfest

Over the last few years, I've discovered the joy of Utah Gymnastics.  One of the best things about my excitement/fascination/borderline addiction is my partner in crime Suzanne.

Hayley also enjoys the gymnastics meets, but often not for the entire two hours. :) She's always game for a up-close-and-personal photo op though.


And really what better to do on a hot summer day than strike a pose with the cute Mary Beth Lofgren at the University of Utah Fanfest?

Okay, so maybe eating a sno-cone is a good thing to do on a hot day too.

Or two or three...

Really can't wait to see these darling girls (Becky Tutka and Lia Del Priore) in action on January 11th!

GO RED ROCKS!  I think it's your year!!

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