Friday, December 27, 2013

Discovery Gateway

Discovery Gateway was having some great discounts this summer.  We'd never been, since it always seemed to expensive, so we headed on up.

We rode the TRAX train all the way from the Valley Fair Mall stop.  Hayley and Jackson both think it's so cool to ride the train!

It had been a while since I'd ridden the train too, and I'd forgotten that the line goes all the way to the airport now.  So, when I was expecting the train to stop right by the Gateway Mall, instead it took a turn and kept going.

I stressed out a teeny bit, until I realized that the next stop was only a block away, and still totally walk-able to our destination.

Plus, walking means holding hands. :)

When we got there, one of the first exhibits is a construction site when you can build buildings, put bricks in the crane, dress up as a worker, and play with tractors.  I'll give you one guess who didn't want to go anywhere else.  Like ever.

I had to carry him into the next room and show him all the cool things there were to do at the water table.  Kudos to the museum on the water aprons.

Jackson also really liked the pretend supermarket, especially using the conveyor belt to drop the fruits and veggies into the kid sized cart and then push them around.

Hayley was really excited that after we were done at the museum I told her I had brought their swimsuits and they could play in the fountain.

We finished our outing with some ice cream and our ride home on the train.  Discovery Gateway was a two thumbs up, as long as we visit again on a discount day.

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