Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Eve 2013

This year at the Bachman Family Party on Christmas Eve, we decided at the last minute to throw together a little talent show.  Hayley gave a little ballet lesson:

It was kind of loud, so I had her do it again the next day for my mom and Robert and Whitney.  She still goes kind of fast, so here's what she's saying: "I'm going to tell you some ballet words.  Jete (jee-tay) means to throw.  Plie (plee-a) means to bend your legs.  Releve (rel-uh-vay) means to raise up on your toes.  Tendu (taun-du) means to stretch your leg.  Pique (pee-kay) means to prick.


And Jackson, after being tricked into it a little from Jeremy, sang his Animal Crackers song:


Okay, so I was going to include Jackson's "practice videos" of his song here too, but there are some doosies, and I think they need their own post. :)

After our show and the required Nativity, we moved on to opening presents.

Hayley hit the jackpot with a cousin gift of a Monster High game and hair markers AND art stuff galore from Grandma and Grandpa including her own ream of paper and three rolls of Scotch tape.

And Jackson.  So I've come to the conclusion that Christmas overwhelms this boy.  We have a picture of him like this every Christmas for the past few years.  I think it doesn't help that we're always up way past his bedtime, and we have to take turns, and there's lots of "We're not going to open it right now..."

Once I got him in the other room, away from the Christmas craziness, and let him play with one of his toys, he was back to his happy self.

Give this boy anything tractor-ish and he'll be happy in a hurry. :)

Hayley drew Payton this year and we got him some Hexbugs and a Hexfish.  He kiddos wanted to try the Hexfish out right away.

Payton later told me that was one of the best presents he'd ever gotten.  Score!  And kudos to Payton for the "thank you" and the compliment.

Fun party, especially when Jeremy surprised me and everyone else by informing us that he was not going back to work after his lunch hour after all.  Merry Christmas Eve to me!

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