Monday, December 30, 2013

Halloween Fun

Halloween was super fun this year!  Hayley was a bride, and looked super cute in her costume that Grandma Heidi made.  It was a big hit in the school parade.

We had this darling little doggie costume for Jackson.  We actually bought it last year, but he hated it!  Like we'd put it on him and he'd cry and whine and wiggle and squiggle until he got out of it.

Although he still wasn't super excited about wearing it, he was a good sport, and wore it to preschool for their little Halloween party.  He talked all about how his teacher dressed up as a cowboy.  Not a cowgirl as I tried to correct him.

We headed to my mom's for the evening for soup and breadsticks and then trick or treating.  Jackson was excited to show everyone his costume, even if the ears part didn't last long. :)

I couldn't get a natural smile out of Hayley for the life of me.  This was actually her least pose-y picture of the evening.

An action shot of trick-or-treating.  Jackson "got it" a lot more this year.  I think that made it more fun for Hayley too.

The best surprise of the night was Stacey and Matt showing up to hang out with us for the evening.  I'm not even sure when the last time is that the three of us have been together for Halloween.  Not since we were kids, probably.

These pictures were taken in front of the neighborhood spook alley.  Last year, we didn't even try it, since I was pretty sure it would be too scary for Hayley, but this year she really wanted to go.  I stayed outside with Jackson.

Hayley made it about two minutes before she was running back out the entrance, crying, yelling, "That just ruined my entire Halloween!"  Yeah, apparently still too scary.

But nothing that holding Grandma's hand couldn't fix.

Happy Halloween!

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