Monday, December 30, 2013

Vegas Vacation

It was time again to use our Vegas time share week. We opted for an afternoon flight, which was kind of weird since usually we try for the first flight out.  Like everyone was all ready and just hanging out, and then we went to Arctic Circle right when it opened, and ate, and still just hung out...


Finally it was time to head to the airport.  Even though I think it gets easier each time we do it, it still stress me out a little to fly with the kids.  Maybe it's the whole uncertainty with the standby thing, that maybe we'll get on the plane, maybe we won't, and maybe we'll get to sit with each other, maybe we won't, and maybe the kids will behave and be a good reflection on the company, maybe they won't...

I figure having the kids look cute and a little matchy-matchy can't hurt anything, right?

I really shouldn't have worried, as we made it on the first flight we wanted, and sat right next to each other.  And the kids did great, as usual.  Like I even got to read part of a magazine. :) My sweet cousin Kim was so nice to not only pick us up from the airport, but get Jeremy and the kids to the hotel, and then take me to WalMart to get groceries for our week-long stay.

This rock sculpture lizard was quite the hit for the kids to climb on.  Fine with me since they needed to get their wiggles out and Jeremy was busy playing Clash of Clans on his phone.  My views on any of those addictive games: be smart, don't start.

 Plus, he was game for all of my planning of our events on the strip, even though I think he may have been just as happy to swim or relax in the room.

 We rode the free bus from Tahiti Village to the strip and then walked over to The Flamingo to see the flamingos.  it was kind of cool to see some birds and other animals... like Tracy Aviary, but surrounded by hotels and casinos.

This parrot was pretty cool.  They were having it perch on people's arms too.  Hayley wasn't that adventurous.

The temperatures were cooler than the other times we've gone in October, so most days our "pool time" didn't start until later in the day.

The kids still had a blast though.  Hayley met two little girls (twins!) the first night that were just one year older than her, and we ended up seeing a lot of them and their family around the resort.

Jackson could have done this all day, every day and been perfectly happy.  Jeremy was sorely disappointed that Jackson now had no interest in cuddling with him in a tube on the lazy river.  It's fun to watch how much our kids change every two years between our visits here.

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