Friday, December 27, 2013

Fall Fun

Just some cute pictures to remind me of some of our Fall happenings.

Here's Hayley outside of the garden store.  We did a garden this year.  Sort of.  The church has some garden plots, and we got one, but didn't plant anything until pretty late.  We were just starting to get some buds and shoots this Fall when it got too cold.  We'll do better next year.  This year was like our practice garden.

Here's Jackson doing what he possibly loved the most all Summer and Fall long: playing in the sand.  This playtime was kind of a surprise.  We were at Eastmont Middle School for Hayley's tryouts for Nutcracker, and had an hour to kill, so we were just walking the field when Jackson spotted this sand pit from almost clear on the other side of the field.  We went to check it out, and sure enough, it was like a little private oasis for Jackson.  It just so happened we had the sand toys in the back of the car.  He was one happy camper while we waited for Hayley.

And one more of Jackson "helping".  Because what little boy doesn't love some demolition, right?  And in your shorts and snow boots?  Even better!  Having already replace the upstairs toilet due to water leaking under the lineoleum, we knew that the downstairs toilet was the next to go.  And although technically the project could have been take off toilet, reseal underneath, and put toilet back on, that's just not how Jeremy rolls. He thinks, "Why do a project when you can do a PROJECT?!"  So instead he decided to rip up and the lineoleum in the bathroom and re-tile.  Which led to ripping up the lineoleum in the attached laundry room and re-tiling in there.  Which led to buying a drain for the washer to sit in, just in case it ever floods.  At this point, Jeremy actually asked me if I thought we should rip up the linoleum in the attached hallway and re-tile there too.  My response? "Well, of course we should.  If we don't you'll have tile-ers remorse every time you walk through that hall." It's true, he really would.  And I would have to hear about it.

So the toilet/lineoleum/tile project is completed.  Jeremy then decides we should paint the bathroom too.  Well, of course we should.  Why not?  So one day I come home and the bathroom is painted.  But it's painted the most ugly shade of yellow-beige I can imagine.  I wanted it to look good, but it just really, really didn't.  Even Hayley came in and burst out with, "Why is our bathroom that weird yellow color?"  Jeremy then turns to me and asks, "Does it look yellow?"
Me: "...Yeah.  Kind of."
Him: "Does it look okay?"
Me: "Did you bring a swatch of the tile with you to the store?'
Him: "Yeah."
Me: "Did you let the employee help you?"
(Now, I'm treading lightly here, because Jeremy actually is color blind.  On one of our first dates, I teased him that his socks didn't match.   To which he replied, "Do they really not match?  I'm color blind."  Yeah, that wasn't awkward or anything...)
Him: "No, I thought this looked okay.  Does it not?"
Me: "......"
Him: "Should we go buy new paint?"
Me: "Yeah, maybe."
Him: "Kids, get your shoes on!  We're going to the store!"

Once there, I take the tile swatch, and go pick out the color I would do.  He says he thinks it should be darker and picks out a paint swatch too.  He also picks up the yellow-ish swatch from earlier and mutters to himself, "How did I think that matched?"  We then head over to the employee, who compares a few more colors to the tile we brought, and then picks the color that I had picked.  That's right, I'm a super-duper-paint-picker-outer.  Anyway, they mixed it up, we bought it, headed home, and Jeremy repainted.  Looks tons better!  I wish I had taken a picture of the ugly yellow, as it would have been funny now, but I was too distraught. :)  Anyway, now that you know how much of a PROJECT the bathroom was, feel free to come over and check it out anytime.  I really am happy that my husband is willing to do so many things to improve our home.

But from now on, I pick the paint.

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